Bitrix Kids is a children's clothing brand that represents a free, relaxed and enriching lifestyle. A brand that is a friend of mothers and children... ...of good taste and good ideas, of projects, of stories.
The collections highlight the value of nature, the essence of outdoor games, contact with the environment, plants and animals. The freedom of movement in each garment.
Clothes with positivism, strength and joy !
Each garment is made with passion, creativity and intuition in a manual and personalized manufacturing process where every detail is taken care of.With a clean and functional design, quality in terms of fabrics and textures. Comfort making the garments durable and easy to take out of the wardrobe...
Both the design as well as the and making are handmade in Barcelona in Barcelona, city where we work, which allows us to be in daily and that allows us to be in daily contact with the workshops where we manufacture. All the fabrics and materials are natural and are 100% made in Spain supporting the local textile industry.
Welcome to our world !